How does Sneaker Focus WiFi work?

‘Sneaker focus WiFi’ allows businesses to offer customers WiFi internet access while also acting as an effective channel for marketing their business.

In order to access WiFi, customers must sign-in via their social media account or by entering their email address. This allows your business to capture valuable information about your customers and with their permission, promote your business further to them and their online friends.

What is the user limit of the WiFi router?

A single WiFi router can support around 30 simultaneous users. Additional Access Points can be added (see the ‘Dual’ and ‘Large’ packages) to support a larger coverage area and many more users.

Do I need to sign up for third party services?

Integrations with third party services are optional, but can add a huge value to your business. Multiple integrations are included with every package. Additional integrations are available upon request for a one-time setup fee. If you would like to integrate WiFi customer data with CRM, Auto Responder, and Loyalty programs like InfusionSoft, MailChimp, Square, TripAdvisor, etc then then you will also need an account with those services. Some offer a free version, while others require a paid account.

Can I update the splash page or updating my branding?
Do I have to be technical to be use Sneaker focus WiFi?

No, Sneaker focus WiFi was built to make social powered WiFi easy. No technical expertise is required to connect your WiFi router. All custom settings are done in our easy to use web based portal.

What social media logins do you support?

We currently supoprt social media login with:

Facebook Messenger

We also offer email and passcode based login as well as paid plans.

What is the typical signal range for the WiFi router?

Depending on conditions, you may be able to cover an area of more than 2000 square feet with a single WiFi router. Keep in mind that objects such as walls, doors and other metal objects can impact signal range. Place WiFi routers in the center of a room and mounted on a ceiling if possible for best range.

Does this work in my the USA and Canada?

Yes, the Sneaker focus WiFi router works anywhere in the world and simply requires an internet connection. You may need a power plug adapter for different power outlets.

WiFi splash pages can contain a language bar that translates the page in over 25 different languages.

How does shipping work?

. Shipping time from your initial order is typically 5-7 business days.


Will this affect my current wifi setup?
No, Sneaker Focus WiFi opens up a new wifi network. Your current systems will remain unchanged.
What data is Sneaker Focus WiFi collecting?
Depends on how the user logs on. A typical
Facebook login will gather their basic profile
information such as name, email, profile picture,
gender, and more.
What are data bandwidth limits?
We have the option to limit bandwidth so not one
person can consume all data available at your
establishment affecting the speed for your other
What is a typical Sneaker Focus Wifi marketing campaign?
All campaigns are based on the Sneaker Focus WiFi packages purchased for your business.

A typical campaign would include messages to
first time customers, frequent customers, and missing customers. We also have the opportunity to send holiday messages and more to your guests.Once we have collected a little data from your customers we will get you started asap.

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