Marketing Automation for your Sneaker Business

Transform your sneaker store front into a revenue generating machine through Social Wifi, Geofences, 5 star reviews, offers and deep analytics.

Reach customers when they are in vicinity of your store with location based smart marketing

What are geofences?

Geofences : Virtual fences that can be placed anywhere outdoors (above cities, areas, stores, airports, etc.), and allow you to interact with mobile devices through a combination of GPS, wifi signals, on entering, dwell or exit of the geo-zones.

With our carefully selected predefined geofences and our click-and-choose tool to select made-to-measure geofences, you are able to track and trace your mobile app users and/or push them relevant messages on entering/exiting a geofence zone.


Maps have the potential to be segmented into different zones. These zones can take on many different shapes and sizes to fit specific needs. The incorporation of zones enables clients to trigger push notifications to their users, see which zone an asset or user is located in at any given moment, as well as provide the clients an extra layer of valuable location-based analytics and more.

Keep promoting to customer everytime they enter Geofence


Sneaker Focus WiFi helps your sneaker business target customers who have previously been to your brick and mortar location with promotional and loyalty offers.

Customers who have shown interest in your products by visiting your location are critical targets for your marketing efforts.



  • Convert customers who have already visited your location
  • Stay top of mind with previous customers
  • Gain product loyalty with promotional offers
  • Promote seasonal items, sales or events
  • Bolster rewards programs

Simple Setup

Geofences may pack a technology punch, but it could not be easier to set them up for a businesses.

Leverage Location

There is no better marketing than having the ability to market to a consumer when they are in the right location.

Push Notifications

Geofences use GPS to know when a consumer passes through the area and at that moment they will receive a push notification.

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